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Bursary and Scholarship Application

We know you're working hard and excelling in your schoolwork - we see you, we like you, and we'd love to reward your excellence. That's why we're very excited to let you know that our 2021 Scholarship & Bursary applications are now OPEN. You can also explore our other funding options on the funding page. SCHOLARSHIP
  • You're a new student, enrolling for a Bachelor's degree for the first time after Gr. 12.
  • You meet the admission requirements for your qualification.
  • You passed all your subjects on the Grade 12 Certificate (NSC & IEB, or equivalent A-levels) with an overall average of more than 75%*.
  • You've got a strong character, and your teachers can provide you with a motivational letter that attests to that!
*For the purpose of calculating the average %, the five subjects with the highest rating, excluding Life Orientation and Maths Literacy, Pure Maths and Technical Maths, will be taken into consideration. If Pure Maths is one of the highest rating subjects it will be included in the five subjects considered. Academic Achievement Bursary
  • You're a new student enrolling for a full-time qualification for the first time after Gr. 12.
  • You meet the admission requirements for your qualification.
  • You passed all your final school year subjects with an overall average of more than 60%*.
  • You're a fantastic person, and your teachers can provide you with a motivational that attests to that!
*Please refer to the application form for more info on calculations and requirements. Leadership Bursary
  • You were Head Boy/Girl or Deputy Head Boy/Girl of your school.
  • You served on the Student Representative Council or you were a prefect
  • You achieved at least two "A" symbols (Level 7; 80% or more) for any subject excluding Life Orientation*.
NOTE: Leaderships Awards may not be used in conjunction with any other Bursary, Scholarship or Award. Please note:
  • You have to be a permanent South African Citizen (*Applications for bursaries and scholarships are considered only from South African citizens and Permanent Residents)
  • All fields are mandatory
  • The application process is a 4 step process.
  • To complete all steps will take you between 15 and 20 minutes.
To complete this application you will need:
  • Certified South African ID
  • Certified Grade 12 results/ equivalent
  • Character Reference
  • Proof of Leadership Position
  • Proof of household income
  • Motivation Letter
If you do not have all supporting documentation in your possession whilst submitting this application, please email it to scholarship@pearson.com once received. Applications close 8 March 2021 - complete the form below to apply! CONTINUE
1 STEP 1
2 STEP 2
3 STEP 3
4 STEP 4

Type of Application:

Please tick the application type you are applying for. Note that should you be unsuccessful in your chosen category you will be considered in all other categories if you meet the outlined criteria.

You may apply for multiple categories, applications with the correct official supporting documents will be considered.



*This information is required for regulatory reporting purposes
First Name
Date of birth
ID or Passport Number
Pearson Student Number
*If you currently do not have a Pearson Student Number, your application will be incomplete, however, a Higher Education Consultant will be in contact to assist.

Contact Details

Mobile Number
Email Address

Parent/Guardian/Sponsor detail:

Name and surname
Email address
Mobile Number
Identity number

Academic Detail

Name of School

Intended or Proposed Programme of Study

Upload Requested files

*Maximum total size of all files is 35MB

If there is any outstanding documentation once the form has been submitted, please email the files to scholarship@pearson.com. Remember to include your Pearson Student Number in the email if you have one, and your contact number so that one of our Higher Education Consultants can get back to.


I hereby declare that:

  • All the information provided in this application form is complete and correct.
  • That if any of the information provided in this application form is found to be incomplete and/or incorrect, my application will be disqualified.
  • The Student/Sponsor (in the case where the student is under the age of 18) is advised that by not providing any Information referred to above, will result in PIHE not being able to process your Bursary Application. For further information, in this regard, please refer to PIHE's privacy policy contained https://www.pearson.com/legal-information/privacy-policy.html.
  • Should the student be successful, in regard to this Bursary Application, the student is advised that the Company (providing the bursary) may at its sole discretion request that the student enter into a work back program with the company, in lieu of the provision of the Bursary.
  • By providing Pearson with the information requested for both Student and the Parent/Guardian (as a competent person where the Student is under the age of 18) you hereby consent and provide authorization to Pearson to process such personal information as well as consent to be contacted by Pearson Institution of Higher Education and/or its affiliates, subsidiaries or Holding Company, in so far marketing Pearson's courses, products and/or services to you. For more information please visit the Pearson Institute of Higher Education's website.


Unsure of what to study in 2021? Send us your details and one of our experienced consultants will call you back.

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Thank you for your interest in our Bursary and Scholarships.

Please note our bursary and scholarship applications are now closed. We are processing all applications and will be in touch shortly.